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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: unclobber ?
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2013 01:14:06 GMT
I don't think there's anything in the spec that specifically models "only
patch global `x` if it doesn't exist" if that¹s what you're asking.

A few workarounds:
- move the <js-module> definition into the platform definitions, so then
you can do something different for windows phone.
- use the <require> tag instead of <clobbers> or <merges>, and do the
global assignment yourself in the JS

On 7/10/13 4:14 PM, "Jesse" <> wrote:

>So in the plugin breakout for Geolocation, we have come across an issue
>windows phone.
>The WebBrowser control already has a W3C compliant implementation of the
>spec, and so we actually don't need to do much to 'install' this plugin.
>However, because of the following config.xml fragment, and the resulting
>modification to navigator.geolocation, the working browser code is
>clobbered, and we are left with js code that attempts to call cordova.exec
>into non-existent native code.
><clobbers target="navigator.geolocation" />
>What would be the preferred way of NOT clobbering the working
>implementation, or at least storing a reference to the clobbered
>implementation so we can duckpunch back to it, or to specify that our
>version of the plugin will NOT be including js at all?

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