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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: cordova cli and OS X platform
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2013 15:54:55 GMT
OSX support is predicated on the conformance of cordova-osx to the various
command-line script "standard" we have defined [1]. I am not sure how well
it follows this document. At a minimum, OSX needs to have a ./bin/create
script, and for project it generates, it needs to have ./cordova folder
that contains many project-level scripts that the CLI shells out to,
including a `run`, `build` and `emulate` script.

For the CLI, you would need to:

1. Add the platform, its repo URL, and version tag to use to
2. Create a "parser" module under src/metadata/. It needs to mirror the
structure of other parser modules: has a "static" check_requirements
method, has an update_project method that takes a config object and a
callback as parameters, has staging_dir and www_dir methods that return
the location of the www folder relative to the platform project's root.
The parser modules are responsible for parsing the platform-agnostic
config.xml from a cli project's www folder and updating things in the
platform-specific projects such as application name, bundle ID, whitelist,
and other goodies.

Finally, you would have to patch cordova-plugman [2], our plugin
installation tool, to support the OSX platform.


On 7/3/13 6:36 AM, "Andrew Grieve" <> wrote:

>Hi Tyler,
>Glad that CLI seems to be working well for you. The OSX platform is a bit
>of a lower priority than the others, but it's been kept in the releases
>since +Shaz keeps it going. He'd be the main one to help you out with
>changes to it. But, I think he's on holiday this week :).
>As for adding a platform to CLI, it's our intention that all of the
>platforms will eventually make it in there. If you'd like to help make it
>happen, probably the best place to start would be
>On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 12:22 AM, Tyler Wilson
>> I am really loving the ability to have one project with multiple
>> platforms. Previously I had to create one project for OS X and another
>> iOS, and copy the www files around when needed. But with the cli
>>ability to
>> have multiple platforms, that solves that issue. And once I get my
>> in the plug man format, the issues with copying the plugin .js file
>>will be
>> handled too I am hoping.
>> So now what I would love is to have the OS X platform as an option in
>> cli. It does not appear it is part of the platform list as yet. What is
>> involved in adding a platform to the the cli system? Is the OS X
>> on this list? I sent a previously message asking about ArrayBuffer
>> which is needed for my specific plugin (Bluetooth Smart). I am certainly
>> willing to give it a shot if somebody could outline the steps.
>> Thank you,
>> Tyler

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