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From Joe Bowser <>
Subject Purpose and Scope of COHO (was tag 3.0.0rc1 on Monday the 15th)
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2013 23:03:40 GMT
Putting this here because it doesn't belong in the tag 3.0.0rc1 thread:

I agree with Jesse, who doesn't like the magic behind coho.  My main
issue with coho is that it's not a very maintainable chunk of JS, and
it appears to be the kitchen sink of automation, full of things that
just don't fit elsewhere.  It seems to do everything from create bugs,
tag releases and package them with a single command.  The only thing
it's consistently failed to do over and over again is actually test
and produce a quality release of Cordova.

I think that we should really keep our release process the same, and
that we should talk about what we want coho to do after 3.0.0 is out.
I don't think there's a lot magical behind coho, but I want to know
why I would use coho over something like repo, which is another tool
that handles multiple git repositories that is used in the Android
Open Source Project.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure there's some concerns over the insertion of
coho into flows, and I'm wondering if anyone else has any thoughts
about this.


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