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From Anis KADRI <>
Subject Re: [Vote] Transifex Translation : please vote
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2013 21:24:24 GMT
I vote yes. I am a bit worried about translations though. I feel like
people who translate and are not involved in the project tend to
produce poor translations. But translation is better than no
translation. So +1.


On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 2:02 PM, Lisa Seacat DeLuca <> wrote:
> I sent a note out about a month ago about using Transifex for translation
> of the Cordova docs.  Everyone was preparing for the 3.0 release and
> phonegap day so I didn't receive much of a response.  So I'm reopening the
> discussion.
> I have created a project within Transifex for cordova here:
> The way it works is:
> 1.      files are upload  to the Transifex system.  Transifex does not
> have markdown files as one of the options for file type to import but they
> do have html and plain text.  I have chosen plain text for testing and it
> appears to work great.  I setup a preferences for the resource to be
> pulled from github on a daily basis with the latest version of the file.
> 2.      Users may come in and provide translation or all or part of a
> file.
> 3.      A "maintainer" or language expert is assigned to each language and
> approves the translations
> 4.      progress information and status can be shown per file/project.
>  Once complete, the translated file can be uploaded back into github under
> the specific language.  This part is a manual process
> Other open source projects use Transifex, for example, OpenStack.
> I propose we do the following:
> Use Transifex for each major release starting with 3.0.  If it is
> relatively easy to translate for minor releases we can vote to do so with
> each.
> Assign a language "maintainer" for each supported language to monitor
> translations. I suggest we start with Spanish and French since those are
> the languages our group of committers can best contribute to at this time.
>  (If we have a consensus to use Transfix, please volunteer if you'd like
> to be the maintainer for a specific language).
> Once a section of the documentation is approved by the language moderator,
> we push the updates to GitHub.
> I created a new JIRA issue related to globalization so we can track
> comments outside of the mailing list as well.
> Another thing to think about, Transifex offers automatic translation for
> faster translation using google translation services or microsoft's which
> require an api key and a paid subscription.  I don't know if either of
> those companies offer a free key for open source needs. I know we have a
> few representatives from those companies that might be able to give us
> more information.
> Why we should be worried about translation?
> Globalization! If we can attract more developers to Cordova and make it
> easier for those developers to get up and running with cordova by
> providing documentation in their native languages,  cordova will continue
> to grow in popularity globally.
> Please vote if you are okay with moving forward with Transifex as a
> solution to our translation needs.
> Lisa
> @IBMLisa
> From:   Lisa Seacat DeLuca/San Francisco/IBM
> To:,
> Date:   07/17/2013 10:23 AM
> Subject:        Transifex
> I have been doing some research into translation services available and
> ran into a group that has been working on a solution for Open Stack using
> Transifex.  Lets face it, the cordova translation story is just not where
> it could be.  It looks like the Transifex service is free for open source
> projects.  Does anyone have a strong opinion one way or another on whether
> or not we could utilize Transifex for cordova?
> Transifex website:
> Supported File Formats:
> cordova project I created on transifex:
> I uploaded the overview file (
> )  to give the service a try and see what we can expect.  It would be
> interesting to build this into our release cycle, especially during major
> releases when the getting started guides, plugin guides, etc. change
> drastically.
> Lisa

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