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From David Kemp <>
Subject Medic - Automated Testing
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2013 18:35:33 GMT
I have been reviewing the medic components and the procedures for testing
the various parts of the Cordova project. With the changes in 3.0, there
are plugins that need to be handled and as already mentioned, I would like
to expand to include the tooling as well. One side effect of this is error
reporting on about 20 'projects' instead of just 2-3.

Currently medic does a bunch of things :
* provides a dashboard of the test results and commits
* watches for commits on the android, ios,blackberry and mobilespec projects
* when commits happen
  * get the newest code
  * build and report any errors to couchdb
  * modify a few things to add jasmine reporting to a couchdb
  * deploy to a bunch of appropriate devices
  * log to couchdb if the tests do not finish in time

With the 3.0 structure, the git monitoring and project structure gets quite
a bit more interesting. Also we have now added a bunch of tools that do
some of this as part of their flow that we should be testing.

So ....

I propose that the cordova-cli and cordova-coho tools be used as part of
the test process. This means using something to watch for commits, then
launch coho to get a full set of plugins, platforms and mobilespec. It
might be wise at this point to even compile cordova-js and log the results
of the tests there.
Then some medic magic needs to happen to prepare the project for jasmine
reporting and auto-launch. Then use cli to build and deploy.
Any errors in the tooling would need to be captured in the test DB as
separate items from the errors in the platforms.

For this to work, the medic components to manage the db and prepare a
project for an automated mobilespec would need to be broken out into
separate utilities. Also there would probably need to be a few additions to
cli to target multiple devices, etc.

At the top level, we still need discovery of new commits, but over a broad
range of projects. There are bits in medic that do that (needs a little
work) or possibly use buildbot for that layer. One advantage of that would
be the already built-in notification for a broken build (email/irc, ...).
Perhaps we could even report the commit(s) that broke it...

The data presentation/reporting will need some work. There will be lots
more to show.

Thoughts and/or discussion?

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