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From Michal Mocny <>
Subject Re: Success with Cordova CLI and custom plugin
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2013 17:32:44 GMT
On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 1:13 PM, Tyler Wilson <>wrote:

> Good day,
> Just wanted to publicise that I have had success with the cli, a custom
> plugin and an iOS build. I must say once everything is set up it is pretty
> nice being able to add/remove components and it appears to handle things
> just fine. Just a couple notes:


> - The default build created has two config.xml files in the project (I am
> using Xcode) - one at the root, and one within the www folder. Is this
> expected?

This is expected, but not desired.  It is a result of us having a
config.xml inside your www/ folder and copying that whole folder on
prepare.  For now, if you can add it to your workflow, I would remove the
config.xml from "platforms/ios/www" after every "cordova prepare"
 (actually, not removing it causes a race condition that rarely but
occasionally causes an app launch failure, so we will need to solve this
issue upstream).

> - I was having issue installing my plugin with plugman. Then I realized
> that the cordova cli command handles plugin installs and removal. It is
> confusing with many references to plugman. Perhaps there should be a
> 'modern' Getting Started guide for the CLI version that also installs a
> plugin as an example? I have read this one -
but perhaps another matching one for plugin developers? (And put a NOTE
> on this page about the issue with npm 1.3.x versions…)

Thanks for pointing that out.

> - I referenced this before, but I think an option to install a plugin via
> symlinks would make development a lot easier, since in most cases you will
> be editing the copy that was created during the install, not the original.
> I will do it manually for now of course.

We discussed adding a --link option to plugin add before, but since we need
to have the original assets around in order to do proper install, I think
the current plan was to support in-place upgrading (sorta like cordova
prepare, but for plugins).  Fil/Braden, maybe you can add more on this.

For now, (cordova plugin rm ... && cordova plugin add ...) as a form of
in-place plugin upgrade works only for updating web assets at the moment.

As far as modifying the copy -- yes, during plugin development I do that
too, its just a lot easier to get rapid iteration -- but after I'm done I
*do* copy those assets back out to the original location.  Also, for plugin
consumers, not the original authors, they will not be making changes to the
plugin copies.

> Great job everybody.
> Thank you,
> Tyler

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