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From Brian>
Subject Re: Plugin / Platform mismatch problems
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2013 03:19:45 GMT
> Would this require that we use the node_modules dependency structure?

No. We would teach npm install about our structure.

> Would we be able to enforce our <engine cordova-version=">3.0.0"> as well
> as our <platform name="ios" min-sdk-version="6.0" min-os-version="5.0">
> constraints?


> Some things will be uglier to express as json I think. E.g.: trying to
> embed xml snippets (like for <config-file>), that contain many " characters
> and newline characters.


> Making things harder to search for has been pointed out as a disadvantage.
> What would be the advantages?

We implement a theoretically federated system. Cordova would continue
to use its own registry. (And thusly downstream distributions could
use their own.)

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