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From Brian>
Subject Re: Blog post feedback
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2013 17:54:41 GMT
Hey Andrew diff came out basically global! I quickly updated the all
caps feedback. Could you do another quick review?

On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 10:00 AM, Andrew Grieve <> wrote:
> Made some small changes (grammar, spelling, some rewording). Please just
> diff to see the changes.
> Some extra comments are inline IN ALL CAPS.
> ---
> layout: post
> author:
>     name: Brian LeRoux
>     url:
> title:  "Apache Cordova 3.0"
> date:   2013-07-19 15:45:04 -5
> categories: blog releases
> published: false
> tags: news releases MAJOR
> ---
> # Cordova 3.0 Released
> Snapshot available on our [download
> page](, but before downloading please
> read on to find out what's new!
> ## Light Weight Core
> Cordova 3 introduces a new unified project structure and ships with a very
> limited API surface. Developers can now compose a version of Cordova with
> only the APIs they need. In the past, Cordova shipped with the entire
> kitchen sink of APIs that most applications needed only a small subset of.
> This led to messy (and often unnecessary) upgrading for our community. With
> the release of Cordova 3 you start with a very light weight core and only
> add the API surface your application requires. Obviously, this means a
> performance improvement but the real win here is maintenance and upgrading.
> We'll continue to maintain "core" APIs which are the same device APIs you've
> come to know and love.
> ## New Command Line Tooling
> We're very excited to share two new command line tools: Cordova and Plugman.
> Both are implemented using `NodeJS` and thusly distributed via `npm`. The
> `cordova` command line tool has been a long time coming. It unifies all
> platforms into a single project, making it easy to maintain a single
> codebase for multiple platforms. The `cordova` tool builds off of our other
> new tool: `plugman`, which provides automated discovery, installation, and
> removal of both core and custom plugins.
> We've been testing for months but keep in mind both tools are new. Bugs
> happen, so you if you find one or even just have an idea for a new feature
> please visit our [issue tracker](
> ## Installing > Downloading
> First, [ensure you have NodeJS installed]( and then simply
> run `npm install -g cordova`. From here its a typical command line utility.
> Get started by building an iOS app!
> ```
> $ cordova create MyFunkyApp
> $ cd MyFunkyApp
> $ cordova platform add ios
> $ cordova emulate ios
> ```
> Cordova has to download platform files the first time `create` is run, so
> the first app you create might be a little slow. Just use the `-d` flag to
> see progress. For example, `cordova -d platform add ios`. Maybe crack a beer
> and chill while it goes about its business first run.
> Now let's add Android, `cordova platform add android`. Yes: that easy!
> # Installing Plugins
> If you are working with a `cordova` generated project then you can install
> using it. (Plugman is included in the Cordova install.)
> ```
> $ cd MyFunkyApp
> $ cordova plugin add
> ```
> You now have geolocation enabled your project!
> If you are working with a platform project directly (one created through a
> Cordova platform's `bin/create` script instead of through the `cordova`
> tool), then `plugman` can be used standalone. Again, [ensure you have NodeJS
> installed]( and then simply run `npm install -g plugman`.
> ```
> $ cd MyAndroidProject
> $ plugman --platform android --project . --plugin
> ```
> Of course, you can create your own plugins! (And we're really excited to see
> what you do.) You can learn how to author a plugin by [reading the
> spec](
> We are going to be writing much more documentation about this in the future.
> In the meantime, you can learn a great deal by looking at the [core
> plugins](
> # Upgrading
> We have documented [upgrading
> guides](
> to help with the transition. Of course, do not hesitate to come for help in
> #cordova irc channel on freenode, or just visit our [issue
> tracker](
> # Known Issues
> Remember *core plugins no longer exist by default in new projects* and you
> have to manually add them using `plugman` or `cordova`. You know we release
> regularly, so you can expect updates soon and we're going to leave a nice
> big window for deprecations as usual.
> - Various native IDE's show generated files when using `cordova`-based
> projects. Be careful not to edit them or else you may lose your work when
> `cordova` is next run!
> - Whitelist (<access> tags) format is inconsistent across platforms
> - There is no "upgrade" command for `cordova` yet. You will need to remove
> and re-add plugins/platforms for now.
> - Not all platforms are supported by `cordova`. Only iOS, Android, BB10, and
> Windows Phone 7/8.
> # Huge Thanks
> Thank you to all the committers, testers, developers, and friends of Cordova
> who made this possible!

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