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From Tyler Wilson <>
Subject ArrayBuffer support for Cordova OS X ?
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2013 23:20:20 GMT
Good day,

I just signed up to the mailing list, though I have been a very happy user of Cordova for
a while now. I am working on a plugin for Cordova, and have thus far developed on iOS, and
everything is fine. I started a new project with Cordova OS X, and ported some code over.
But it was not working right. Took a long while to figure out what was happening. The iOS
version has support for passing ArrayBuffer objects from the JS to native side (as NSData).
This is a _very_ useful feature. So I had assumed it would work with the OS X version. I was
wrong of course.

I tracked it down to this code in CDVBridge.m:

- (NSArray WebScriptObject*)webScriptObject
    // Assumption: webScriptObject has already been tested using isArray:
    NSUInteger count = [[webScriptObject valueForKey:@"length"] integerValue];
    NSMutableArray *a = [NSMutableArray array];
    for (unsigned i = 0; i < count; i++) {
        id item = [webScriptObject webScriptValueAtIndex:i];
        if ([item isKindOfClass:[WebScriptObject class]]) {
            if ([self isArray:item]) {
                [a addObject:[self convertWebScriptObjectToNSArray:item]];
            } else if ([self isDictionary:item]) {
                [a addObject:[self convertWebScriptObjectToNSDictionary:item]];
        } else {
            [a addObject:item];
    return a;

The ArrayBuffer object isKindOfClass WebScriptObject, but it is neither an Array or a Dictionary,
so it gets dropped here.

Any chance on a patch to make this work? I am a programmer, but not familiar enough with the
Cordova internals and/or the WebScript area to know the proper check and conversion to put

Thank you,
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