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From "Wargo, John" <>
Subject RE: missing www resources
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2013 22:09:05 GMT
Several of us here have been having this exact same problem for days now. We tracked it down
to the lazy load either not downloading or not extracting the www and platform project files.
 I have two systems in front of me (one Macintosh and another Windows) with the exact same

I've logged a JIRA item for this here:

If you download the HelloWorld project and install it in the specified location, Cordova Create
works.  Same problem with the cordova platform add command - can be fixed by extracting the
base Xcode project files to the folder.

Anyone else seeing this? There's like 10 of us here with this problem.

John M. Wargo
Twitter: @johnwargo

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From: Tyler Wilson [] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 02, 2013 7:11 PM
Subject: missing www resources

So I got cordova 2.9.0 installed via an older npm (1.2.32). But now I have run into another
issue. I get the same error as described here:!msg/phonegap/qSo2dseUCkY/yEjsi_FeCGIJ
(you see, I googled this time):

[Error: downloaded www assets in /Users/tylerwilson/.cordova/lib/www/cordova/2.9.0/www does
not contain index.html, or www subdir with index.html]

Clearly something went wrong during the cordova install where it did not download/install
the www assets. Anybody know the magic incantation to allow me to move forward...

Thank you,

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