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From Kerri Shotts <>
Subject Re: New iOS 7 UI and backwards compatibility
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2013 15:21:42 GMT
Yeah... NDA and all that jazz.

Technically, the Apple Dev Forums would be the proper place to discuss the
issue, though you have to put up with PG-haters and conflicting posts that
then tell you to talk to PG and not the forum. (These posts are not by
Apple, just by other Devs on the forum, so I take their opinion with a
grain of salt, since they are almost always the uninformed-about-what-PG
type, IMO)

I would do a search on the forums on how to handle splashes on multiple iOS
versions (though I think you will end up with a second splash being
generated from PG - not sure ATM how to address that easily), as well has
how to deal with the status bar issue. There is some pretty simple code
that should at least get you back to iOS 6-style metrics.

Finally, based only on past experience, support for the newest iOS release
is a couple weeks or longer after Apple has released it. No one can offer
support for beta OSes, and things can and do break across beta versions.
The GM release may not provide enough time to get a iOS 7-supported PG out
the door by release date. My point being that it may be better to muck
around in your view controller to support what you need now, if you need to
release the day of the iOS 7 release. Just make sure to take a backup or
use version control so that if you muck a bit too far, you can get back

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Kerri Shotts
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On Jul 16, 2013, at 9:56, PJ Dillon <> wrote:


I haven't found any discussion about this searching through my mail. But
the UI is broken in iOS 7. I actually don't know if I'm allowed to discuss
the details. It's glaringly obvious, though, and it makes compatibility
with iOS 6 somewhat of a chore for cordova-based apps, especially with the
position splash screen.... unless I'm mistaken.

So, before I go hacking around with our view controller to accommodate both
6 & 7, has this been taken care of already, and I'm just overlooking it?

We're trying to get an app out the door as soon as iOS 7 launches.


PJ Dillon
Sulia, Inc

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