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From Tyler Wilson <>
Subject Re: List of 'issues' I have seen with latest version
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2013 17:30:25 GMT
See below.

On Jul 29, 2013, at 12:56 PM, Brian LeRoux <> wrote:

> Hey Tyler, thanks for capturing this. And yup filing relevant issues
> very welcome! I have some responses below inline:
>> You would need to create a new project to get the updated template files, correct?
> This is correct. I believe we have a backlog item for implementing an
> `upgrade` command.

>> - When initially doing a 'cordova create' and the first 'cordova platform add', it
downloads the latest template files, but does not display any progress information. If on
a slow connection, it can look like it has hung, and the user might cancel the operation,
leaving the system in a broken state.
> Yes, this is a docs issue too. If you run the command with the -d flag
> you'll see detailed output.

Got that now. Still think it ought to say something if it is performing a possible time-consuming
>> - When doing a platform add iOS, we end up with two 'www' folders. One at the root
of the project, and one within the platform/ios folder. In step 3 of the upgrading iOS page
it says to copy the contents of the www folder to the www folder at the root. But the Xcode
project still refers to the www folder within the iOS folder, not the one at the project root.
> This is deliberate. We copy the root www into the platform folder. Our
> goal in 4.0 is to make ./platforms just build artifacts.

Okay, this was not clear to me: I just did a test with 'cordova build' which - as you say
- did copy from the root www to the iOS platform. But what about the case where the user simply
creates the project, adds the iOS platform, and then uses Xcode? You cannot edit the www in
the Xcode project since it will be overwritten the next time they do a cordova build. I think
this would be a common use-case, and I do not see an levant solution to it. My initial thought
is that the Xcode project should point to the root www and there are custom build options
to copy then build within Xcode. Same for Android if using Eclipse with an imported platform/android…

>> - Adding plugins: I know we only have to do do the plugin add once per project, but
I think is tedious.
> Plugin discovery didn't land in time for 3.0 but its there now. You
> can just run `cordova plugin add geolocation` to get plugins from our
> plugin repo that is based on npm. Documentation for this is
> forthcoming too.

Nice to know. Thanks!
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