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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Friendly reminder re: Core API patches
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2013 20:04:35 GMT
There's merits to both and I'm open to either approach. To summarize:

- dump the 3.0 branch into master now, and expand the ./create scripts so
that they call into plugman to re-add the core apis. Pro: gives us more
time to bake the frameworks with plugins ripped out. Con: probably not
ready right now and we have to do a whole lot of work to support pre-3.0
- wait til we branch 2.9.x, THEN dump 3.0 into master. Pro: gives us a bit
more time to ready the individual plugin repos. Con: less time to bake
leading up to 3.0.

On 6/5/13 12:34 PM, "Michal Mocny" <> wrote:

>However, do we want to support 2.x for some extended time during the
>tooling transition to 3.x for everyone?  One way to do this is just land a
>constant stream of point releases on the 2.9.x branch.  Another way could
>be to branch a 2.x long-lived feature branch before merging in 3.0.0 and
>continue to work on that for as long as we think we need to (sorta like
>python 2.x and 3.x are both long lived).
>Personally, I'de prefer to jump all-in on 3.x and do at most do a few
>point releases.
>On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 2:43 PM, Brian LeRoux <> wrote:
>> +1
>> Lets do that nao.
>> On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 12:11 PM, Filip Maj <> wrote:
>> > Joe and I were just talking about how the process of integrating an
>> > API-less cordova (I.e. The 3.0 branches) back into the master branches
>> > would work. I imagine that, as soon as we create a release branch for
>> > 2.9.0 / tag 2.9.0rc1, we will merge/rebase the 3.0 branch into master
>> > right away. Then we can have all committers/contributors start
>> > iterating/testing the composable plugin/api approach right off the
>> > branch, in prep for 3.0.
>> >
>> > On 6/5/13 9:52 AM, "Filip Maj" <> wrote:
>> >
>> >>A lot of work is being put into breaking out the plugins into
>> >>repositories, as a prep for 3.0. One of my goals on this project is to
>> >>ship a Cordova for 3.0 that allows users to compose a cordova
>> >>shell with whatever plugins they wish, including the core APIs. This
>> >>users don't need to bundle all core APIs (and related permissions,
>> >>with every app they build.
>> >>
>> >>So just a friendly reminder that, if you are patching a particular
>> >>API, be it javascript or native code, please remember to also patch
>> >>plugin repository with the same commit. I understand it can be a bit
>> >>pain to double-up your work, but this should be a temporary thing that
>> >>will no longer be necessary post-3.0.
>> >>
>> >>Related to this: if anyone is curious about what the cordova libraries
>> >>will look like for 3.0, there are long-lived 3.0 branches being
>>worked on
>> >>on all the main cordova implementations (android, blackberry, iOS, and
>> the
>> >>windows phones) where the core APIs are being ripped out, and any
>> >>coupling between API code and the underlying framework is being slowly
>> >>teased out.
>> >>
>> >>Thank you! :)
>> >>
>> >>Fil
>> >>
>> >

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