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From Andreas Sander <>
Subject Re: CRC32 checksum failed with Cordova 2.2.0
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2013 22:39:53 GMT
> Andreas, I'm curious if you could describe a bit why your project needs to run on iOS
4? According to a couple stats I found [1, 2], usage of iOS 4 appears to be around 1.4% of
all iOS versions. Does that fall under the "don't care" or "not worth it" threshold for you?


My decision is based on my customer's wish to provide iOS 4 support for his app. I fully agree
with you that all the effort needs to be taken into account doesn't really deserve the few
percentages of people (let it be 4-5%) really using this app under iOS 4. I will discuss the
problems with my customer again, but I simply tried to fulfill that iOS 4 support with cordova,
but as I found out today that's not that simple as it seemed to me before.

> There is a way but I'm not sure how much I should support you in this
> endeavor.. You are futzing with the code at this point so, consider this
> your warning!
> If you replace the contents of cordova-cli/lib/cordova-ios with the
> contents of your cordova-ios package, it *should* work. Depends on which
> version of cordova-cli you are running as the cli code has expectations
> about which bits inside the cordova-ios lib exist.
> If you installed it via npm install -g then it should exist somewhere like
> /usr/local/lib/node_modules/cordova

@Filip Maj

Thanks for all of your help. I know that this isn't the intended workflow. ;-)

The cordova in usr/local is there, yes. Thx for pointing out the cordova-ios directory inside
lib folder. I thought it should be renamed to ios. Maybe that's solving my main problem. ;-)

I know that I'm working on an edge case. I simply tried to get my project running under iOS
4. Now, without any usage of cordova cli, which is broken for me under cordova 2.2.0 due to
this weird checksum problem, everything is running now.

With best regards from Germany and really thank you for your time and help!


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