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From Piotr Zalewa <>
Subject onNativeReady and FirefoxOS
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2013 07:40:46 GMT

Here is me again.

I commented out the "reinstantiating" window.navigator to make it not throw SecurityError
under FxOS.

I then realized the 'deviceready' isn't fired.
It should be fired in
after channel.onDOMContentLoaded, channel.onNativeReady, channel.onPluginsReady.
onDOMContentLoaded and onPluginsReady are fired, but onNativeReady is not.

The only place in this file which is related to this event is this:

    // _nativeReady is global variable that the native side can set
    // to signify that the native code is ready. It is a global since
    // it may be called before any cordova JS is ready.
    if (window._nativeReady) {;

Is this event not fired because of my change to cordova-firefoxos.js (commenting out

Please help

There is also an issue later on with onCordovaConnectionReady (but I forced onNativeReady
before, so too many variables to play)

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