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From Braden Shepherdson <>
Subject Cordova CLI merge, new branch, INFRA ticket
Date Thu, 23 May 2013 22:19:51 GMT
tl;dr version: cordova-cli now has a master2 branch that should be treated
as master going forward. DO NOT use master or future anymore.

Short version:

- I tried to merge future and master.
- I couldn't because the history is a train wreck. The morbidly curious
should see [2].
- Ian and I dug through the history, and played CSI until we figured out
what had happened, and found a sensible way to reconstruct a sane master
- This branch merged fairly neatly with future.
- It is now committed as the new branch master2.
- The original master branch is deprecated.
- I have filed an INFRA ticket[1] to get them to point HEAD at master2, and
delete the old master branch.
- Use master2 from now on. DO NOT touch the old master or future branches

I'll keep the list updated on the state of the INFRA ticket.



[2] Long version:

A long time ago, I forked cli's master to create future. I committed a
half-dozen changes or so. Sometime later, a 2.7.x branch was forked /from
future/. Several changes were made here. Later it was merged back in, /to
master/. The same changes were later rebased onto master and committed
again, duplicating them. Then this branch was merged with master again,
creating a /third/ copy of the changes originally from this 2.7.x branch.

Meanwhile, some of the changes from future were reverted by hand (as
opposed to with git revert) in master.

Finally some new changes were made to future and master. It looks,
according to git, like there are only these changes on the future branch,
since the earlier ones were merged by accident some time ago.

When I came along and tried to merge master and future in either direction,
or rebase in either direction, those older future changes stayed deleted,
because according to git they were made on the same branch.

Moral of the story: Don't take a branch off master (like future), fork it,
commit to it, and then merge it back to master. That's what started most of
the insanity, because now future is partially merged into master even
though it's not being treated that way.

I need a drink.

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