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From Andrew Grieve <>
Subject Re: Cordova CLI merge, new branch, INFRA ticket
Date Fri, 24 May 2013 03:16:16 GMT
Could we merge master2 into master with:

git merge --strategy-option=theirs master2

On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 6:19 PM, Braden Shepherdson <>wrote:

> tl;dr version: cordova-cli now has a master2 branch that should be treated
> as master going forward. DO NOT use master or future anymore.
> Short version:
> - I tried to merge future and master.
> - I couldn't because the history is a train wreck. The morbidly curious
> should see [2].
> - Ian and I dug through the history, and played CSI until we figured out
> what had happened, and found a sensible way to reconstruct a sane master
> branch.
> - This branch merged fairly neatly with future.
> - It is now committed as the new branch master2.
> - The original master branch is deprecated.
> - I have filed an INFRA ticket[1] to get them to point HEAD at master2, and
> delete the old master branch.
> - Use master2 from now on. DO NOT touch the old master or future branches
> anymore.
> I'll keep the list updated on the state of the INFRA ticket.
> Braden
> [1]
> [2] Long version:
> A long time ago, I forked cli's master to create future. I committed a
> half-dozen changes or so. Sometime later, a 2.7.x branch was forked /from
> future/. Several changes were made here. Later it was merged back in, /to
> master/. The same changes were later rebased onto master and committed
> again, duplicating them. Then this branch was merged with master again,
> creating a /third/ copy of the changes originally from this 2.7.x branch.
> Meanwhile, some of the changes from future were reverted by hand (as
> opposed to with git revert) in master.
> Finally some new changes were made to future and master. It looks,
> according to git, like there are only these changes on the future branch,
> since the earlier ones were merged by accident some time ago.
> When I came along and tried to merge master and future in either direction,
> or rebase in either direction, those older future changes stayed deleted,
> because according to git they were made on the same branch.
> Moral of the story: Don't take a branch off master (like future), fork it,
> commit to it, and then merge it back to master. That's what started most of
> the insanity, because now future is partially merged into master even
> though it's not being treated that way.
> I need a drink.

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