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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: plugman + plugin spec final q's
Date Wed, 17 Apr 2013 16:59:56 GMT
Max, yeah, at the top of the plugman readme (in both future and master I
believe), the usage docs don't specify --install or --uninstall as an
available command, but those commands are referenced right after the usage
section. I'd be in favor of using --fetch for the RETRIEVAL of plugins,
--remove for the removal of plugins from the local plugins cache, and
--install and --uninstall for the relevant actions.

Max, re (2): correct.

To Braden's points:

 - I'm fine with url + name attributes for <dependency> elements. Will
update the spec/README shortly.
 - Re <clobbers> I will add a note about that to the spec as well.
 - Re parsing package Ids, fair enough.
 - About "namespacing" iOS source files, this sounds like a good idea.
This is something that plugman can handle as well, yes? That is,
management of the plist and pointing to the right location.
 - Re config munging and permissions. I vote in favor of removing all
permissions and re-adding all of them with every change in plugins (add or
remove), with a de-duping pass. Brute force approach but it'll work and is
simple. However spec wise we need a separate element for this ya?
<permission> or something? Then based on what <platform> tag houses a
<permissions> tag we can deduce where and how to set up the appropriate
native permissions.
 - Re the different <*-file> elements. I believe behavior in how header
and source files are handled on iOS are identical, so consolidating those
is an easy simplification. I will update the spec with that. I'll leave
resource-file in there for now.

One more question that came up: does a plugman --install call implicitly
call plugman --prepare ?

On 4/17/13 9:31 AM, "Max Woghiren" <> wrote:

>(1) On line 25 of the cordova-plugman readme, is the command missing (ie.
>--add or --install or whatever)?
>(2) Though two versions of a plugin are not allowed, I just want to make
>sure: there will be some kind of detection that it's okay if the
>*same*version of a plugin has already been installed by a previous
>right?  (For example, plugins A and B both depend on C v1.0, so plugman
>will determine that this is okay, whereas if A depends on C v1.0 and B
>depends on C v1.1, there'll be an error).
>On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 3:08 AM, Filip Maj <> wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> I've done a review of the spec and updated it. Check it out at the
>> in the plugman repo's future branch [1]. I've added the last bit to it:
>> <dependencies> and <dependency> elements. Here is an example:
>>     <dependencies>
>>         <dependency
>> url="" />
>>         <dependency
>> url=""
>> version="1.0.0" />
>>     </dependencies>
>> Dependencies are specified by providing a url and optionally some way of
>> describing what version of the plugin you want. The only constraint
>> imposed on plugin dependencies right now is only a single version of a
>> plugin can be installed in an app at the same time. I think this is good
>> enough, but wanted to let everyone know and give people time to comment.
>> Also did a bunch of updates/tweaks to the plugin.xml spec, made explicit
>> some failures (if there are file conflicts, error noisily, that kind of
>> stuff). I have a PluginTooling [2] wiki article up where I am doing my
>> best to summarize these various reqs/use cases floating around the list,
>> IRC, hangout discussions regarding plugin tooling development. If you
>> anything to add there please do so!
>> Next, I have a few questions came up when I was going through the spec:
>>  - does <clobbers> and <merges> (specified in the JS symbol mapping
>> section of the plugin spec) create the objects on window if they do not
>> exist? I suppose this is more of a cordova.js question than a spec
>> question, but that behavior should be explicit in the spec.
>>  - native code <source-file> elements have a `target` attribute where
>> specify where within the native project the native code should be copied
>> into. Is this necessary? For Java files, we could look at the package
>> declaration at the top to determine where to put it. If I'm not
>> on iOS it doesn't matter where within the directory structure of a
>> cordova-ios project you put native code in. What is the situation for
>> Windows (Phone) platforms, and for cordova-osx?
>>  - the spec currently only accounts for appending XML to specific parts
>> XML-based configuration documents. Does anyone foresee an instance where
>> some manner of native or cordova-specific config munging OTHER than
>> appending would be necessary? Removal/modification of existing elements?
>>  - iOS specific: Do we need separate elements for <source-file>,
>> <resource-file> and <header-file>? Can we consolidate into one? The
>> current draft of the spec mentions that this may be an implementation
>> detail.
>> Finally, I have two questions/concerns about the command line interface
>> for plugman.
>> 1. The --fetch operation seems to need a redundant --plugin flag, e.g.
>> plugman --fetch --plugin <url>. Shouldn't we just axe --plugin in this
>> case?
>> 2. The API readme mentions --install and --uninstall flags but the docs
>> only show --fetch and --remove. Can we clarify this?
>> Thanks for everyone's input. I feel we're getting closer to shipping
>> thing!
>> [1]
>> refs/heads/future
>> [2]

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