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From Filip Maj <>
Subject plugman + plugin spec final q's
Date Wed, 17 Apr 2013 07:08:59 GMT
Hey all,

I've done a review of the spec and updated it. Check it out at the README
in the plugman repo's future branch [1]. I've added the last bit to it:
<dependencies> and <dependency> elements. Here is an example:

url="" />
version="1.0.0" />

Dependencies are specified by providing a url and optionally some way of
describing what version of the plugin you want. The only constraint
imposed on plugin dependencies right now is only a single version of a
plugin can be installed in an app at the same time. I think this is good
enough, but wanted to let everyone know and give people time to comment.

Also did a bunch of updates/tweaks to the plugin.xml spec, made explicit
some failures (if there are file conflicts, error noisily, that kind of
stuff). I have a PluginTooling [2] wiki article up where I am doing my
best to summarize these various reqs/use cases floating around the list,
IRC, hangout discussions regarding plugin tooling development. If you have
anything to add there please do so!

Next, I have a few questions came up when I was going through the spec:

 - does <clobbers> and <merges> (specified in the JS symbol mapping
section of the plugin spec) create the objects on window if they do not
exist? I suppose this is more of a cordova.js question than a spec
question, but that behavior should be explicit in the spec.
 - native code <source-file> elements have a `target` attribute where you
specify where within the native project the native code should be copied
into. Is this necessary? For Java files, we could look at the package
declaration at the top to determine where to put it. If I'm not mistaken,
on iOS it doesn't matter where within the directory structure of a
cordova-ios project you put native code in. What is the situation for the
Windows (Phone) platforms, and for cordova-osx?
 - the spec currently only accounts for appending XML to specific parts of
XML-based configuration documents. Does anyone foresee an instance where
some manner of native or cordova-specific config munging OTHER than
appending would be necessary? Removal/modification of existing elements?
 - iOS specific: Do we need separate elements for <source-file>,
<resource-file> and <header-file>? Can we consolidate into one? The
current draft of the spec mentions that this may be an implementation

Finally, I have two questions/concerns about the command line interface
for plugman.

1. The --fetch operation seems to need a redundant --plugin flag, e.g.
plugman --fetch --plugin <url>. Shouldn't we just axe --plugin in this
2. The API readme mentions --install and --uninstall flags but the docs
only show --fetch and --remove. Can we clarify this?

Thanks for everyone's input. I feel we're getting closer to shipping this


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