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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Plugman future branch work + update
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2013 18:44:27 GMT
We will summarize baseline use cases for plugin management w.r.t.
dependencies on a wiki article (once wiki is usable again). From these we
can write tests that will drive our implementation work. Failure points we
already know are:

  - asset collisions for native code and non-js web assets. We error out
  - dependencies and requiring two different versions of same plugin. Due
to some of the native language constraints (i.e. Java) we cannot (easily)
support this, so we agreed that we do not support different versions of
the same plugin in the app, therefore: fail noisily.

Based on the above + other use cases, we will write tests. Then we write
code to fix tests. Once tests pass, we merge future branch back into
master and we are ready to roll out plugman/plugin.xml support to the
public. Thoughts on what kind of documentation we should offer with this?
At a minimum we will need to revamp the plugin authoring guide.

Anis and Braden will be doing a similar sort of thing with Plugin

In the mean time, any other use cases the group can think of in terms of
plugin management and what plugman should support, feel free to post them

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