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From Filip Maj <>
Subject W3C SysApps Working Group, Face2Face, Day 3 summary
Date Fri, 12 Apr 2013 09:54:45 GMT
- So much Contacts work [1]:
  - there are events for contacts being added, modified, removed [2].
Currently all three are encapsulated in a single event but these will be
split out
  - lots of discussion about whether applications should have the ability
to _manage_ contacts (be able to add, remove, modify), or whether this
should be routed through a single global manager that would be up to
implementations to create. If there are Cordova users reading this, if you
have any use cases here, I would like to share them with the SysApps
group. There was contention that having multiple contact manager
applications is not a valid use case, which, I believe, is not valid.
However I'd like to back that up with some real-life examples.

- W3C infrastructure. The specs being worked on are on GitHub [3]! Go
check them out, star the ones you are interested in, send pull requests,
submit issues, etc. Really cool!
  - There were questions and concerns raised about "bus factor" w.r.t.
GitHub. I chimed in about our experience (GitHub / Apache). Marcos (who
seems to be leading the community/GitHub effort in the W3C) has some
guidelines [8]. Hopefully some middle ground is found so W3C can tap into
the OSS community on GitHub without compromising W3C's control over

- New proposals and phase 2 focus moving forward.
  - GM from QualComm presented a geofencing proposal as Geolocation
  - A Seamless Mobility API (from my understanding, somewhat vague) was
presented. Conclusion was gathering more requirements + use cases for
this, it seems like instead of a new API, most of what was proposed could
be shoved into NetInfo API.
  - Unfortunately it was decided phase 2 items would not be
discussed/scheduled until the phase 1 items moved to last call
(reward-based motivation in a way). However, gathering use cases for APIs
that we have experience with can be done on the wiki [4]. Relevant ones
    - Browser API [5] parallels our InAppBrowser API.
    - Media Storage API [6] is a superset of a subset ( :D ) of our camera
API. Perhaps we can help out there.
    - Related, the Contacts API [7] is in a working draft state but has no
use cases. I'd like to put some effort into gathering a few. There are a
lot of decisions being made w.r.t. this spec, so having some kind of
real-life basis seems.. reasonable.


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