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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: SysApps Working Group, Day 1 Summary
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2013 07:28:13 GMT
Here are the minutes / IRC log from day one:

On 4/9/13 5:35 PM, "Filip Maj" <> wrote:

>Day one of three days of meetings. I'll summarize what was discussed and
>how Cordova fits in. As always if anyone here has anything they would like
>me to raise specifically with the group let me know.
>For reference the agenda is here:
>General inquiries about Cordova included:
>- Wong Suk (co chair of the group, works for Samsung) very interested in
>using Cordova as a prototyping/feedback platform for W3C apis. I was very
>happy to hear this!
>- Also overheard some folk from Samsung say, essentially, Bada is done,
>but I am paraphrasing here.
>- Got beat up a bit about Cordova's lack of participation in the W3C.
>forward I'll try be more diligent about bringing our community's feedback
>into the standards discussion. Good point made to me was that even if a
>draft has changed and the feedback may not be applicable to a current
>draft of an API (I.e. Contacts), providing feedback is still useful (were
>the standards decisions validated or not?).
>Specific topics covered, and my take on how they relate to Cordova:
>- Main focus: runtime and security model for packaged and hosted web
>applications [1].
>  - Cordova currently uses config.xml. There was interest in the group
>about what Cordova's future w.r.t. To describing app metadata was. My
>answer was: eventually I see us moving to the SysApps application manifest
>  - Interesting and relevant to our interests: app: URI [3]. A nice URI
>abstraction for referencing in-package assets. Solves some of the in-app
>File URL issues that have come up in the past for Cordova. Between app:
>URIs and PERSISTENT / TEMPORARY LocalFileSystem references, I think we've
>got all file system access use cases covered.
>  - There is a document in the works covering security use cases and
>trying to draft requirements/policies around the runtime's security model
>- Secondary foci: alarm and raw socket APIs. Not sure if that¹s super
>relevant to our current work, but hey, it's there. Will do my best to put
>more focus on APIs that are asked about more often by our community in the
>coming days (web capabilities, push notification).
>  - Alarm api draft [5].
>  - Raw sockets api draft [6].

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