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From Filip Maj <>
Subject W3C SysApps Working Group Face2Face, Day 2 Summary
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2013 07:03:49 GMT
- Very relevant to Cordova: kicked off day 2 with the decision that folks
vested in Phase 2 work [1], which is us, should start hashing out use
cases for these APIs. The most relevant ones in my mind are:
  - Browser API, essentially the same as Cordova's InAppBrowser API.
  - Device Capabilities API, which we have a few issues filed by our
community asking for this.
  - Media Storage API, also an ask by our community. Cordova's Camera API
tries to tackle some of these same problems (management/handling of
specific media such as pictures or video, access to camera roll, etc.). In
my mind the progress we make in slowly dismantling this custom API of
ours, the better.

- The Alarm API [2] talked about last in yesterday's meeting was brought
up again first thing. To be clear: this isn't really an Alarm API so much
as a Wake API. There was discussion about renaming it. Provides capability
for the application to schedule itself to "wake up", even if the device is
turned off or restarted.

- Discussion about generic Data Filtering, with specific examples of a)
searching SMS messages and b) searching contacts. Attempts were made to
try to consolidate to a single generic searching/filtering system but
looking like this may not be possible and that's just for these two cases.
IndexedDB was brought up as an example, where full-text search (the
analogue to the SMS/contact filtering) was scrapped as considered "too
hard". Currently group thinking of moving this into application space as
user problem.

- Covered specifics of the Messaging API (SMS, MMS, etc) [3].

- Covered specifics of the Telephony API [4].


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