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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: New directory structure in cordova-cli's future branch
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2013 15:44:18 GMT
For a couple months now the npm package has had about 1000 downloads per
month [1].

We do have upgrade guides in our docs for each version for each platform.
Maybe we could add a CLI section? Then we can reference those guides in
the CLI's readme? Just thinking out loud.


On 4/9/13 5:40 PM, "Braden Shepherdson" <> wrote:

>This mailing list post is, or will shortly be, indexed by Google and
>others. Any newcomers will see the new docs and create new projects.
>As I mentioned on IRC, existing users are either accepting or ignoring the
>"alpha" warnings that this software is new and under heavy development,
> if they want to jump on it early they're going to have to expect some
>That said, I don't really know of any better way to socialize it. Is there
>anywhere where a brief blog post on this would make sense?
>I don't know how many people are using these tools and not on the mailing
>list, though certainly some turn up on IRC occasionally.
>On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 11:24 AM, Filip Maj <> wrote:
>> How will we communicate this change to our existing users?
>> On 4/9/13 5:22 PM, "Braden Shepherdson" <> wrote:
>> >I've just pushed a change to the future branch that changes the
>> >structure to:
>> >
>> >app/
>> >    merges/
>> >        android/
>> >        ios/
>> >    www/
>> >    config.xml
>> >
>> >As was discussed at our video conference meeting a couple of weeks ago,
>> >this has a number of advantages:
>> >- config.xml is no longer in the www/ directory
>> >- One can easily version control the whole app/ directory, and get
>> >web assets, merges and so on into the repo.
>> >- That repo can contain additional information: a,
>> >documentation, tests, whatever. The CLI will ignore anything outside of
>> >the
>> >merges and www directories.
>> >
>> >
>> >The downside is that this is a breaking change: running the new
>>version of
>> >the tools on an old project will fail (but I think in a harmless way)
>> >until
>> >you rearrange the directories. You can do that with the following
>> >commands:
>> >
>> >$ mkdir app
>> >$ mv www/config.xml app
>> >$ mv www app
>> >$ mv merges app
>> >
>> >All docs and tests are updated as well. Any problems should be
>>reported on
>> >JIRA and assigned to me.
>> >
>> >Braden

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