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From Filip Maj <>
Subject SysApps Working Group, Day 1 Summary
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2013 15:35:16 GMT
Day one of three days of meetings. I'll summarize what was discussed and
how Cordova fits in. As always if anyone here has anything they would like
me to raise specifically with the group let me know.

For reference the agenda is here:

General inquiries about Cordova included:
- Wong Suk (co chair of the group, works for Samsung) very interested in
using Cordova as a prototyping/feedback platform for W3C apis. I was very
happy to hear this!
- Also overheard some folk from Samsung say, essentially, Bada is done,
but I am paraphrasing here.
- Got beat up a bit about Cordova's lack of participation in the W3C.
forward I'll try be more diligent about bringing our community's feedback
into the standards discussion. Good point made to me was that even if a
draft has changed and the feedback may not be applicable to a current
draft of an API (I.e. Contacts), providing feedback is still useful (were
the standards decisions validated or not?).

Specific topics covered, and my take on how they relate to Cordova:

- Main focus: runtime and security model for packaged and hosted web
applications [1].
  - Cordova currently uses config.xml. There was interest in the group
about what Cordova's future w.r.t. To describing app metadata was. My
answer was: eventually I see us moving to the SysApps application manifest
  - Interesting and relevant to our interests: app: URI [3]. A nice URI
abstraction for referencing in-package assets. Solves some of the in-app
File URL issues that have come up in the past for Cordova. Between app:
URIs and PERSISTENT / TEMPORARY LocalFileSystem references, I think we've
got all file system access use cases covered.
  - There is a document in the works covering security use cases and
trying to draft requirements/policies around the runtime's security model
- Secondary foci: alarm and raw socket APIs. Not sure if that¹s super
relevant to our current work, but hey, it's there. Will do my best to put
more focus on APIs that are asked about more often by our community in the
coming days (web capabilities, push notification).
  - Alarm api draft [5].
  - Raw sockets api draft [6].


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