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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Platform-level command line scripts ;)
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2013 17:41:49 GMT
TL;DR I agree with all your points Mike. I'll update the doc shortly with
your suggestions.

Assuming there are no other qualms, I'll slate this stuff for 2.7?

Specific comments in-line below.

>> `build`
>What happens when a user specifies both --debug and --release?
>I'm happy as long as we decide on what happens. For the sake of ease, I
>think it would be better to just fail.

Sure, this is easy.

>This brings up the question of exit codes. I don't want to over engineer,
>but should we distinguish between an exit code for an "unsupported
>and "runtime command error" (e.g. unsupported argument combination)? As
>long as there is a message with the exit code, it's not necessary but
>provide a good hint to higher-level tools.

Hmm, why not? 1 == unsupported command, 2 == runtime error?

>Is it possible to remove the colon entirely and delimit on a space? "ID

Totally, probably better. I think BB10 has colons in some of their ids so
this makes sense.

>> ...
>> `deploy-device`
>Deploy is a confusing term because it's too similar to "run." Even both
>command definitions use the term "deploy."
>I'd like to propose renaming the deploy commands to: `install-emulator`
>Install more clearly describes the action and implies that it does not
>implicitly build first.

Sounds good!

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