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From "" <>
Subject Standardized gestures
Date Wed, 17 Apr 2013 16:42:31 GMT
I'm experimenting with Cordova on Android, iOS and Windows 8. 

Has there been a discussion around trying to implement to set of 'standard' gesture recognizers:

The idea would be that the native side executes JavaScript like:  
javascript:cordova.fireEvent('tap', {node: document.elementFromPoint(400, 300), x: 400, y:300
javascript:cordova.fireEvent('slide', {node: document.elementFromPoint(400, 300), x: 400,

This function could use document.createEvent to initiate events on the DOM node:

The purpose of this would be to have a consistent set of gesture recognition across different
devices instead of having javascript code in the 'WebView' trying to do gesture detection.


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