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From Ken Wallis <>
Subject Re: BlackBerry BB10 Repos on GitHub
Date Sat, 06 Apr 2013 15:16:54 GMT
So awesome to see this go live, thanks Bryan. Looking forward to seeing progress towards this
being merged into the Apache repos!

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From: Bryan Higgins
Sent: Saturday, April 6, 2013 6:42 AM
Reply To:
Subject: BlackBerry BB10 Repos on GitHub

Over the last few weeks, we at BlackBerry WebWorks have been working on a
prototype for a new version of our SDK based on Cordova. I'm happy to say
that we're now able to share our repos publicly!

To understand what we've done, you will first need to understand that
WebWorks for BB10 is really 3 things:

  1.  Packager (bbwp) – a set of node scripts to assemble apps from source
  2.  Framework – handles bootstrap, extension loading, exec calls, events
  3.  Extensions – all of the APIs. Similar to cordova plugins, but
included in the SDK rather than directly in the project.

All of this is built on top of the "web platform" - a layer on top of
WebKit which exposes device APIs. We plan to document this layer and
provide instructions on how to build a web platform app using only the NDK.

For those wanting a rich set of APIs, we will provide a Cordova build along
with a set of custom plugins for platform features.

To get to that world, we need to move some logic from the packager and
framework into Cordova. This will really simplify the exec chain and ease
plugin development.

Old world:
Plugin script > cordova.exec > WebWorks extension > webworks.exec > web
platform / native

New world:
Plugin script > cordova.exec > web platform / native

All of our repos are up at Here's a quick summary of
what we have done so far.

  *   split out BB10 from BBOS/PlayBook
  *   Re-implemented cordova create, build and run in node, using libs from
our packager
  *   Introduced "target" script for managing device and simulator
  *   Started the process of converting core plugins from wrappers to
calling web platform directly

  *   Created blackberry10 as a top level platform
  *   Added some bootstrap, exec and event logic from our Framework
  *   Started the process of removing the wrappers (at which point
cordova.exec and webworks.exec are merged and webworks events will go away)

  *   Copy "controller" code (index.js) and native .so files into the
  *   Implemented our prototype of script injection (wrapping js-modules in
cordova.define and generating plugins.json).

  *   Minor changes to support splitting out BB10 from BBOS (not yet public,)

  *   Plugins for BB10 platform features

I know this is a lot of dump on the list at once, but Jeff and I are here
to answer any questions or concerns. Now that the repos are live we'd like
to start a discussion on getting the code into Apache. We've got a small
team here working on this (intros to come) and everyone is excited to start
working with the community.


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