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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: [windows] Scripts for Windows Phone
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2013 03:24:06 GMT
Yes sounds good. Most other platforms implement it in this way:

- Android's create script [1] uses a templates folder [2] that it makes
copies of on-create, which contains (among other things) the cordova
folder [3].
- Blackberry does a similar thing [4]
- so does iOS [5]


On 3/25/13 5:45 PM, "Benn Mapes" <> wrote:

>I could be reading your responses wrong but, this does not answer my
>proposal, maybe I wasn't clear enough.
>For the windows platform there are multiple templates, there is the full
>template which includes a dll of the cordovaLib(native code) and a
>standalone template which uses the source code.
>Right now there cordova folders within each of these containing all the
>project scripts (when you create a project it will use one of these
>templates - default is full template). My proposal was to pull the cordova
>folder out of the templates and put it in one spot so there isn't any
>duplication of these scripts which will add more consistency. Then when
>create is called, it will just copy that single cordova folder containing
>all the scripts into the created project folder.
>Does that make sense?
>On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 1:48 PM, Filip Maj <> wrote:
>> We already have established spots for scripts.
>> Global scripts:
>> cordova-<platform>/bin/create
>> cordova-<platform>/bin/check_reqs (in the works)
>> Project-level scripts:
>> Myapp/cordova
>> Myapp/cordova/lib (soon to come)
>> On 3/25/13 1:38 PM, "Benn Mapes" <> wrote:
>> >Right now most of the scripts for windows phone except create are in
>> >/tooling/scripts/
>> >and there are duplicate cordova folders in each template (/templates/*)
>> >folder with the emulate and debug scripts for deploying to
>> >respectively.
>> >
>> >In light of the recent scripting discussion I would like to propose
>> >all the scripts that will go into the cordova folder of a project into
>> >/framework/cordova/ (or maybe /tooling/cordova/). This folder can then
>> >copied into a new project when the create command is called.
>> >
>> >That way we only have one place where all these scripts reside,
>>instead of
>> >having a cordova folder for each template.
>> >
>> >Thoughts?

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