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From Filip Maj <>
Subject JIRA magik scriptz
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2013 17:31:51 GMT
Alright committers and users of JIRA, this may be useful for you.

I have committed a JIRA helper script to our labs repo, under the jira
branch. [1]

The script provides two bits of functionality:

1. Create a top-level issue with all necessary subtasks for tagging a
2. Create a top-level issue with subtasks for docs, js and tests, and for
any platform implementation specified (with "core" platforms as sensible
default). Useful for creating JIRA issues for api additions, or sweeping
changes that affect multiple platforms.

Head over to the repo for details in the README on how to use.

TL;DR, to create tag task (with all necessary subtasks):

    node jira.js --username=filmaj --password=poop --version=2.6.0rc1

To create a top-level issue (with sensible default "core" platforms):

    node jira.js --username=filmaj --password=poop --summary="Eject the
warp core" --description="We need to seal a subspace tear created by an
isolytic burst! DO IT NOW SCOTTY!"


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