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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Issues with CLI
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2013 02:17:11 GMT
My answers in line, thanks for taking the time to run through the tool

On 3/5/13 11:39 AM, "Becky Gibson" <> wrote:

>   1. Although I could easily figure it out from the note about changing
>   ownership of the cordova directory, it would help to state up front the
>   directory where cordova will be installed.

Upon installation, the bootstrap.js script gets run (it is hooked in as a
post-install script in package.json). Bootstrap has a bit of logic that
checks to see if you installed the tools using `sudo`. If so, it knows a)
the location the tools are getting installed into and b) what non-sudo
account you ran the command from. Then it prints out the EXACT command you
should run to change ownership of that directory. Becky, when you ran the
install, did you see the notice as linked to in [1]? Should we consider
doing something different in this case?


>   2. What version of Cordova is being installed - next, master or can I
>   specify a specific version as a parameter to npm?

The npm version of the tools are tightly coupled with the underlying
cordova version. So cordova-cli npm version 2.5.0 will use cordova
2.5.0rc1 (2.5.1 in npm has cordova 2.5.0 I think). Npm version 2.6.0 will
use cordova 2.6.0rc1. Perhaps to alleviate this problem, we explicitly
list out the version of cordova used in the README, and maybe also when
you run `cordova -v`? -v currently just shows the npm version of the
tools. Perhaps a different mapping of npm version -> cordova version is

>   3. After installation I was a bit surprised to see that I was good to
>   for Blackberry Webworks development until I realized that it is all Web
>   technology!

Each platform that is supported by the tools runs a "check_requirements"
function (android [1], ios [2]), but blackberry's is pretty rudimentary

>   4. There should probably be some links about how to get set up for iOS,
>   Android, and BB development.  We certainly don't need to explain the
>   nuances of iOS certificates and provisioning profiles but we do need to
>   point newbies to a link (provided we are targeting iOS/Android/BB
>   development newbies).  I got hung up on needing to setup my Android
>   for development before I could run from the command line and had to
>spend a
>   bit more time jogging my memory about basic Android setup.

Good call, I'll add links to the cordova getting started guides. I've
filed an issue [4].

>   5. Why is it just cordova.js in each of the platform repos rather than
>   including the version number as we normally do?   I blindly copied the
>   mobile-spec into my www directory and since it relies on its own
>   to set up the version number the back button in the tests no longer
>     This is a minor point since I could easily modify mobile-spec to use
>   different technique.  However, I suspect the technique used in
>   may be commonly used by multi-platform app developers.  It also might
>   useful to keep the platform name of the cordova file in the platform
>   specific directories just to make it clear which is which.

Why is it? I've never really thought about it, but PhoneGap Build does
this so by habit I tried to copy the same behavior. I'll change that.
Issue filed [5].

>   6. OK, it may seem dumb but it took me awhile to find the create
>   command.  I had to scroll through all of the documentation to the
>   to see that it is cordova create.

Really? It's right near the top under the "Global Commands" heading [6].

>   7. I haven't tried any plugins yet.....

Let us know how it goes :D

>my two cents,


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