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From Joe Bowser <>
Subject [Android] Plugins to send on the ice flows to die
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2013 21:54:38 GMT

I'm currently looking through the plugins, and I'm thinking more and
more that Android has at least two plugins that I would like to see no
longer maintained once we break them off of the main repository.

Our Geolocation doesn't actually give us anything that the browser
doesn't do.  I think that GPS could be done better, and that the spec
sucks. However our core plugins are supposed to follow the spec, and
since the browser on Android does this much better, there's no point
for this plugin to exist.

WebSQL Storage:
Our WebSQL storage is pretty brittle and is just a shim to the raw
SQLite that Android creates.  There's no real exception handling, and
this could easily crash.  I would like to deprecate this and point
people to a third party plugin if they need their SQLite done.

Also, we need to figure out how we capture things.  It'd be good if we
picked one way to do this over the other.  Right now mobile-spec seems
to use the Camera API, which I don't think is correct.  We need to
write a new test for this, because right now this isn't well tested.
I'd like to send the old Camera API on the ice flow in favour of
capture and the native URI handling.

Thoughts on this?


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