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From Brian>
Subject Re: Platform-level command line scripts
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2013 10:19:02 GMT
Fil: yes I like the easy wins you describe.

Anis: agree on harder wins. The `emulate` cmd should require a
parameter and only launch platform emulators.  The `run` cmd should
default to Ripple, and while we're in there we should kill the serve
command. Also agree, we should do a download to Fruitstrap from one of
our forks (to be safe).

Tommy: would be awesome to get your help on the `release` cmd for iOS.

Jesse: agree about cordova-deploy tool should just deploy. (Only I
think we should rename it to `emulate` and have it require a

Mapes: we hate the Bruins ok buddy? Get over it. Also: `build` cmd is
for debug builds and `release` cmd is for doing release builds as you
intuited. I think you got `run` and `emulate` mixed up but the spirit
was correct.

Tim/Bryan: can we kick up a fresh thread on the BB10 business? It
would be nice to get that in but I think those queries got lost in
this deluge.

Axe! (Parashuram's online crime fighting persona is axemclion): thanks
for saying hi, we'd love the help yo!

On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 1:14 AM, Jesse MacFadyen
<> wrote:
> Welcome Parashuram!
> Happy to have some help. Benn has been working on most of this, and I
> have created the deploy tools for wp7 and wp8, so reach out if you
> need guidance or anything.
> Cheers,
>   Jesse
> Sent from my iPhone5
> On 2013-03-19, at 10:24 PM, "Parashuram Narasimhan (MS OPEN TECH)"
> <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I could offer to start helping on the Windows Phone side of things.
> P.S: This is my first email to the group, and I think I should
> introduce myself - I am Parashuram, working for Microsoft Open
> Technologies Inc.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Filip Maj []
> Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 3:42 PM
> To:
> Subject: Platform-level command line scripts
> Bringing this up once more, hopefully the last time :)
> TL;DR: the behavior and naming of the platform-level scripts are still
> not 100% lined up. I'd like to fix this and agree with you all on some
> of the finer points surrounding this issue.
> Benn Mapes, an intern at Adobe, has been working on adding Windows
> Phone support to cordova-cli. It's been a bit of work, but the first
> step is to land command line scripts at the Windows Phone project
> level, which he is actively working on. With this happening, I want to
> make sure we have our base project-level CLI scripts sorted properly.
> Additionally, I've been seeing issues filed against the CLI with
> essentially users being confused as to why the behavior of "cordova
> build"
> vs "cordova emulate" on different platforms is different [1] [2].
> The answer to all of this is that the project-level scripts have
> slightly different behavior. I've looked into what each of Android,
> iOS and BlackBerry (10) do and I've got a basic table sorted out
> (below). I would like to get to an agreement on naming and behavior
> for each, and ideally file issues to get as many of our platform
> implementations as possible to implement/tweak behavior so that we are
> consistent on this front.
> Scripts
> -------
> - build
>   - Android: equivalent of running `ant debug`, which simply compiles
> your app in debug mode
>   - BB10: packages your app into a zip, runs `bbwp` on it, and code-signs it
>   - iOS: runs a compilation with xcodebuild with configuration set to "Debug"
> - clean
>   - Android: equivalent of running `ant clean`, which removes any
> build artifacts
>   - BB10: does not exist
>   - iOS: does not exist
> - log
>   - Android: `adb logcat`
>   - BB10: does not exist
>   - iOS: `tail -f console.log`
> - release:
>   - Android `ant release`, compiles with your actual signing key
>   - BB10: NOPE
>   - iOS: compiles with xcodebuild with configuration set to "Release"
> - run:
>   - Android: runs on EITHER a connected device, or if no device, on a
> running emulator, or if no running emulator, launches an emulator (and
> if multiple emulator profiles exist, prompts user to pick one), then
> finally runs the app on it
>   - BB10: asks user if there's a connected device. Then either
> launches a simulator + loads the app (if user says he/she has no
> connected device), or attempts runs a debug build of the app on a
> connected device
>   - iOS: launches an emulator using ios-sim with the app
> - emulate:
>   - Android: does not exist
>   - BB10: does not exist
>   - iOS: launches an emulator using ios-sim with the app
> Easy Wins
> ---------
> - build: BB10 should change current behaviour so that it doesn't code
> sign the package.
> - clean: add scripts for BB10 and iOS to support this (should be dead simple).
> - release: BB10 should implement a script that runs a build + a
> code-sign on the built package.
> Harder Wins
> -----------
> There's confusing behavior with run + emulate commands across platforms.
> IMO emulate should handle launching an emulator, and run should handle
> deployment, with an extra flag available for run command that
> specifies the deployment target (device or emulator, perhaps --device
> and --emulator). Also not entirely sure how Ripple fits in here but I
> would definitely like to see Ripple as the default emulator target.
> Lots to chew on here but I would highly appreciate some feedback!
> Renaming some of these commands is on the table too if anyone sees
> benefit there!
> [1]
> [2]

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