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From Tommy-Carlos Williams <>
Subject Re: [Android] Plugins to send on the ice flows to die
Date Sat, 23 Mar 2013 02:31:03 GMT
As long as the alerts for asking for permission (as an example) don't say "index.html would
like to use your position" or whatever it is without the PhoneGap/Cordova API over the top…

On 23/03/2013, at 9:04 AM, Filip Maj <> wrote:

> +1 geo and websql deprecation
> I would wait on camera until we actually do the api audit
> On 3/22/13 2:54 PM, "Joe Bowser" <> wrote:
>> Hey
>> I'm currently looking through the plugins, and I'm thinking more and
>> more that Android has at least two plugins that I would like to see no
>> longer maintained once we break them off of the main repository.
>> Geolocation:
>> -------------------
>> Our Geolocation doesn't actually give us anything that the browser
>> doesn't do.  I think that GPS could be done better, and that the spec
>> sucks. However our core plugins are supposed to follow the spec, and
>> since the browser on Android does this much better, there's no point
>> for this plugin to exist.
>> WebSQL Storage:
>> ----------------------------
>> Our WebSQL storage is pretty brittle and is just a shim to the raw
>> SQLite that Android creates.  There's no real exception handling, and
>> this could easily crash.  I would like to deprecate this and point
>> people to a third party plugin if they need their SQLite done.
>> Camera
>> --------------
>> Also, we need to figure out how we capture things.  It'd be good if we
>> picked one way to do this over the other.  Right now mobile-spec seems
>> to use the Camera API, which I don't think is correct.  We need to
>> write a new test for this, because right now this isn't well tested.
>> I'd like to send the old Camera API on the ice flow in favour of
>> capture and the native URI handling.
>> Thoughts on this?
>> Joe

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