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From James Jong <>
Subject prompt dialog for the Notification API?
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2013 21:04:28 GMT
I was looking at the Notification API and noticed that we have existing support for alert and
confirm dialogs but do not have one for prompt.  I think it would good to add this missing
function to the Notification API.  It seems a natural fit alongside the alert and confirm

To mirror the current dialogs in the Notification API, the js method would look something
navigator.notification.prompt(message, promptCallback, [title], [buttonLabels])
message: Dialog message to display (String)
promptCallback: Callback to invoke with index of button pressed (1 or 2). (Function)
title: Dialog title (String) (Optional, Default: "Prompt")
buttonLabels: Comma separated string with button labels (String) (Optional, Default: "OK,Cancel")

The goal would be to have this across all our supported platforms.  I would like to create
a JIRA item and have sub-tasks for each platform.  I plan on contributing the code for iOS
and Android.  I also will update mobile-spec tests and write the API documentation.

My questions are:
(1) Is this a reasonable addition to the Notification API?
(2a) If so, can we initially have support for a few platforms and add more as we go along?
(2b) Can we go ahead and publicly document the API or wait until we have support across the

If we agree this is good to have, here's the summary of tasks I plan to proceed with:
create a JIRA issue with sub-tasks for each platform
contribute the code for iOS and Android
add prompt tests to mobile-spec
create the prompt API documentation

Thoughts or comments?

-James Jong
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