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From Josh Soref <>
Subject RE: Contacts, and when/how/who removes anything and why
Date Fri, 15 Mar 2013 16:29:54 GMT
Becky wrote:
> Well, I know that people do use find a lot and are frequently tripped up by it.
> They get confused over the fact that the fields array is the list of
> fields that are returned AND are searched.  
> Most people expect all of the contact information returned and they think that
> the fields are just the fields that will be searched.

That's good feedback, I can't find such feedback in the mailing list archives [1], although
it's possible I brought it up in the evolution from the Contacts API [2] to the Pick-Contact
API [3]. Since there's some renewed interest in the older spec, it'd be helpful if you'd write
a to noting this problem.

Note that current spec [3] doesn't seem to have this problem:
fields of type array of DOMString
    An array of field names corresponding to the name of the fields in the Contact dictionary
that the Web application is requesting from the contact service. The contact service must
not return defined fields on the contact objects that it provides other than those present
in this list. If a field name is provided that the contact service does not recognise [sic]
as a field of the Contact dictionary, then it must ignore it.
These are only for returned.

search of type DOMString, nullable
    A string which provides a hint to the contact service to facilitate contacts selection
by the user. The exact manner in which this hint is exploited is entirely up to the contact
Here, the search is clearly searching only whichever fields the provider chooses, there's
no reason a provider should or would want to consider fields while applying its search.

The previous spec [2] did do what you described. I think one of the reasons that Pick-Content
is written as is, was to avoid this problem (and partially to allow the user to say "yeah,
I know it was asking for "David", but the guy's name in my contacts is actually "Dave").

> We did modify the api a bit to add a * in fields to indicate to return all fields. 
> However, with the field parameter overloaded it does make the search less efficient.

> At any rate, I can certainly post to the Phonegap google group asking
> for feedback on the use of remove and request the use cases.

That'd be great.

>  Or, you can join and post directly yourself.  It's up to you.

I'm much more willing to post questions where I've already done some work. In Cordova, I've
sent a couple of pull requests (some of which have been accepted, and I have a few I need
to repost -- I've refreshed locally), and I've also given feedback on contributor guides here
and some other process aspects, so I'm  not just a `random` person.

> As I'm not active in the W3C currently, I doubt I could get approval and funding
> to attend any F2F  :-(  FYI - I did work actively on WAI/WCAG and some on WAI/PF.



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