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From Josh Soref <>
Subject RE: git flow diagram
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2013 18:24:41 GMT
Marcel wrote:
> FYI, a while back I added a flow diagram of the git repos to
> . Let me know if you have
> suggestions / corrections. The master file is at
> images/contributor-git.graphml . The intent is to help contributors (and new
> commiters) understand our setup. Thanks!

"Fork the official Apache Cordova project mirror with git.",  offhand, I'd say "Fork an official..."
because there seem to be two, the official servers, or the github set. Right?


People probably should be using git clone w/ ssh for github, it makes life less painful. (insert
a note about setting up sshkeys).

You should suggest git diff (or something like it), and probably warn about line endings and
end of file markers (or lack thereof).

- tooling that sits on top of git (such as the httpd apps that let you browse the repo) assume
that the
+ tooling that sits on top of git (such as the httpd apps that let you browse the repo) assumes
that the

- assumptions are not kept
+ assumptions are not followed|met|preserved

```As an alternate to a bullet list, you could put long text here in
paragraph form, with each line wrapped at 72 chars and blank lines
between paragraphs.``` is in monospace, but I think ```as an alternative to a bullet [sic]
list``` should be outside w/ a second block for a second alternative example.

```git commit -a```
Don't suggest -a w/o an explanation.

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