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From Tommy-Carlos Williams <>
Subject Re: Decreasing the Deprecation Time
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2013 00:06:48 GMT
Just my $0.02, but it almost seems like you are hampering yourselves while at the same time
introducing very little in the way of stability anyway.

No one sees a deprecation warning and thinks "ooh… better not use that…", they say "a
warning is not an error" and move on with their project.

As a plugin author, I was one of the proponents of the deprecation policy, yet I still feel
like plugins break every 2-3 releases anyway, so why hold yourselves back on other changes/features?

- tommy

On 13/03/2013, at 9:14 AM, Joe Bowser <> wrote:

> Hey
> When we first set up the deprecation policy, we did it because we
> didn't anticipate that we would create massive breakage with Cordova.
> Unfortunately as we get closer to 3.0, it seems clear that we agreed
> on a policy that isn't allowing us to develop as fast as we would
> like.  For example, we had to wait six months to remove old history
> code that we could have safely removed three months ago when it was
> clear that maintaining our own history was not the right way to work
> around issues.
> So, I propose that we change the deprecation policy from six months to
> the past three releases.  Since we release once a month at most, this
> will allow us to update the software without having the overhead that
> we currently have with the current policy.  Point releases (i.e.
> 2.5.1) would not count as a release under this policy, it would have
> to be a minor release (i.e. 2.5.0) or a major release (3.0).
> Any thoughts on this?
> Joe

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