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From Brian>
Subject Re: refactoring mobile spec (was: Creating repos for core plugins)
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2013 12:43:33 GMT
> First pass: a test/ directory with one or more \w+.test.js files? Tools
> can find the .test.js files and run them automagically?


> Up to the author to decide which test framework to run with (jasmine,
> their own, qunit, whatever). All necessary supporting files to be included
> under ./test as well?

We could do the npm-like thing here.

> What should be the test environment we want to focus on enabling plugin
> authors using? Node? Or provide a full integration testing path to test
> inside a cordova container as well?

Both, but I think starting w/ the container and adding node as a nice-to-have.

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