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From Brian>
Subject Re: cordova command cli and merges concept pull request
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2013 19:07:18 GMT
yes there is some issues w/ emulation in this approach but I think its
a better architectural pattern for a universal project. we can make
ripple w/ this style rather the other way around.

On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 6:48 PM, Michael Wolf <> wrote:
> Have looked at suggesting folks mock in-browser using ripple... however
> there are a few issues with that, firstly being simply doesn't work for
> non webkit platforms (ie windows phone... yah the cli doesn't currently
> support windows phone but no reason why it can't) ... Also while you can
> mock to work in ripple, you still have to write code in your base www that
> only runs in browser / ripple and mock for it (unless I'm doing it wrong
> :) ), which then introduces this conditional code which then ends up on a
> device (which I recommend people to shy away from when they can)... where as
> using the merges folder for this purpose makes the existence of those
> mocks a purely www artifact that never ends up on a device or native
> emulator...
> But I'll also admit I haven't looked deeper into ripple to see if there is
> an alternative there, because the merges concept just worked for us.
> mw
> On 2/12/13 12:05 PM, "Filip Maj" <> wrote:
>>Cool, thanks Michael. I will take a look when I get a chance. Curious what
>>the rest of the list thinks.
>>As for mocking in-browser, I recommend trying out Ripple - it has great
>>support for mocking out arbitrary cordova plugins.
>>On 2/12/13 6:10 AM, "Gorkem Ercan" <> wrote:
>>>I have been cooking up a similar functionality for Cordova development
>>>plugins for Eclipse IDE that I am building. I think the only real
>>>difference with what I have is I have named the merges folder as
>>>As my goal is to keep 100% compatible with cordova-cli I was planning to
>>>provide a PL for the same so I would be interested with this work and
>>>help if needed.
>>>On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 6:28 AM, Michael Wolf
>>>> Hey all:
>>>> I submitted a pull request for an enhancement of the addition of a
>>>> folder/concept into the cli build process.
>>>> The concept of merges is pretty simple, to support a common core web
>>>> across platforms, but allow for deploying platform specific www content
>>>> specific platforms.  The addition to the CLI tool adds a new folder
>>>> "merges" to the root level.  Upon running "cordova platforms add|remove
>>>> platform" a new folder is created under the "merges" folder (ie:
>>>> , merges/android etc).  Upon running "cordova buid" any content added
>>>> this folder will be deployed to the associated www folder in the
>>>>  This carries for either new content being added, or more importantly
>>>> overrides existing content from the www folder.  For a very simple
>>>> imagine you have a css file named css/chrome.css in the www folder,
>>>> you could have .backButton { display:block;} , but then under
>>>> merges/android/css/chrome.css you could have
>>>> this is a very simplistic use but it illustrates the concept. This
>>>> additional workflow to the build system in the cli enables some great
>>>> processes for building a nice clean cordova app for example.
>>>>  *   Allows for keeping code clean and limits the need for platform
>>>> specific js logic per platform
>>>>  *   Enables a process of mocking in custom plugins for in browser dev
>>>> (mocks under www real implementations under merges) , and not risking
>>>> code filtering into production/device code
>>>>  *   Allows for creating platform specific assets such as css / font /
>>>> images/ videos etc that only gets merged into the specific desired
>>>>  *   Allows for accepting that each platform is unique and sometimes
>>>> specific logic and or shims,  and always deserves the platform specific
>>>> love, and the build process should support doing this cleanly
>>>> Anywho    Š.. Would love to see this integrated in.
>>>> Thanks
>>>> mw

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