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From Marcel Kinard <>
Subject alert dialogs on WP8?
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2013 17:58:53 GMT
I don't have a WP8 simulator or phone at the moment that I could test this myself, so I wanted
to ask if someone else had experience or could quickly verify.

According to cordova-docs for the notification.alert method, it looks like on WP7/WP8 (on
2.3, at least) that since calling it is non-blocking, it is theoretically possible to instantiate
multiple alert dialogs at the same time. If so, is it possible that by doing so a situation
could be created in which it isn't possible for the user to close all the alerts? For example,
if the first alert dialog is modal, could it prevent subsequent alerts from being closed but
the subsequent alerts are visually obscuring the first alert? Or vice versa? Basically, could
multiple alerts render the app unusable?

Thanks in advance!

-- Marcel Kinard
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