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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Cordova CLI (and by proxy, platform) requirements
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2013 22:14:09 GMT
Hey all,

Working out some bootstrap-type stuff for cordova-cli. Here's a situation
I am dealing with now in the cli code that I would like people's input.

When you add Android to your project's platforms, the requirements, as
imposed by the underlying cordova-android library, is that the Android SDK
be installed (duh) and that the SDK tools are available on your path.
When you add BlackBerry to your project's platforms, you also need the
BlackBerry WebWorks SDK. However, because BlackBerry uses a configuration
approach, you do not need to have the WEbWorks SDK on your path. Instead,
you need to explicitly list out the location of the SDK in a config file
(as well as device and signing key passwords, device and simulator Ips,
and whatever else is necessary).

As such, the CLI tools work similarly: you need Android tools on your path
to work with Android, and for BlackBerry you are asked a few questions in
a prompt when you add a blackberry project the first time (enter the path
to your SDK, enter your signing key password, etc).

So could easily go with this. It works as is. The question that comes to
my mind though is, why is there a difference? I think we should pick one
of these approaches and stick with it: either have the SDK's required
tools on the system's PATH, or ask the user for them every time (or point
them to the config file for filling out).


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