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From Filip Maj <>
Subject mobile spec pass rate sizable drop on android
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2013 18:07:59 GMT
Hey everyone,

Working over the weekend on the ci dashboard I noticed that the pass rate
on android for mobile-spec dropped from ~95% to ~85%. It looks like the
majority of failures are due to new tests for the File slice stuff that
was added recently, perhaps also related to the Blob stuff.

If you head to and click on the outer pie chart pieces
(representing individual devices) you'll see a list of failures on
particular devices.

It looks like some of this stuff is failing on iOS too (there's a Blob
constructor failure), but there is only one failure on iOS vs. 35+ on

Additionally, this is just on two platforms. Not sure what the situation
is on BlackBerry, WP, and our other supported platforms, but I'm assuming
no work was done on the new APIs for these platforms.

Andrew/Michal/Braden you guys were working on this stuff, ya? Are we going
to ship incomplete slice and blob implementations for 2.4.0rc1? I don't
care if we do, but I do care about cross-platform parity for new features
being shipped, and I'm concerned there is no plan for that with this new
File API addition.

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