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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Cordova-cli in 2.4.0
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2013 19:09:50 GMT
Couple q's about including this in our next release:

- what will this look like in the release archive? Just as another project
at the top-level?
- any additional documentation/readme love needed?
- fyi I am kicking up a versioning thread re: cordova-cli so keep your eye
peeled for that.

Currently supports Android, iOS and BB10. That said, none of my BB10
devices work so I can't deploy to any of them. I am thinking we "suspend"
support for BB10 until post-2.4, when some real BB10 devices will land
into consumer (and hopefully our!) hands. At that point we can be sure
things work properly.

Thoughts/comments/questions welcome!

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