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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Review of Core Platforms
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2013 22:36:43 GMT
Certainly, if RIM can provide some % numbers of people using each OS,
that'd be helpful! Kind of like the Android OS pie chart breakdown of
users across different OS versions.

In the past, at some point we decided to stop supporting BB OS 5 and 4.6,
and removed those Cordova implementations. Just wanted to raise the idea
of doing something similar for OS 7 and PlayBook once those two platforms
get to the same level of usage.

On 1/3/13 2:21 PM, "Ken Wallis" <> wrote:

>What does "schedule for removal mean"?  Perhaps we can tie removal to
>some specific metric that we might be able to assist with?  BB7 will
>remain a fairly large base of devices for a while, particularly in
>emerging markets and enterprise, where I think we will continue to see a
>large focus on web-based mobile applications.
>While I wholeheartedly support BlackBerry 10 as the primary platform for
>new development, I would like to see support for BB7 continue while it
>remains a large customer base.
>Ken Wallis
>Product Manager ­ BlackBerry WebWorks
>Research In Motion
>(905) 629-4746 x14369
>From: Filip Maj []
>Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2013 4:44 PM
>Subject: Review of Core Platforms
>Our CorePlatforms wiki article [1] has this:
>Core: These are the main platforms supported by the Apache Cordova
>* iOS
>* Android
>* BlackBerry
>* Windows Phone
>* Bada
>Sunset: These are platforms considered to be on their way out of general
>consumer availability. We offer code, but not distribution of these
>* Symbian
>* webOS
>Sunrise: These are new platforms coming to Apache Cordova with some
>development under way.
>* Tizen
>* Qt
>Horizon: These are platforms that we hope to see supported by Apache
>Cordova in the future!
>* B2G
>Some propositions + questions, all up for debate of course:
>- I'm not sure about Bada. Last I checked Bada's passing % of mobile-spec
>is fairly weak (some features are just not doable; correct me if I'm
>wrong). I would like to propose that a platform is eligible for "Core" if
>they have >90% passing rate on mobile-spec. I would vote to move it into a
>new "Marginal" category, along with, say, cordova-mac or cordova-qt. Also,
>Bada-wac, how does this fit in?
>- Where does the ubuntu phone fit into this?
>- I would suggest we schedule removal of the BlackBerry 7 (java) and
>Playbook (Air) implementations, and have our BlackBerry implementation be
>BB10 only moving forward.
>- The "Windows Phone" category above covers both 7 and 8? What about
>Windows 8?
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