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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Review of Core Platforms
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2013 21:44:01 GMT
Our CorePlatforms wiki article [1] has this:


Core: These are the main platforms supported by the Apache Cordova project.

* iOS
* Android
* BlackBerry
* Windows Phone
* Bada

Sunset: These are platforms considered to be on their way out of general
consumer availability. We offer code, but not distribution of these

* Symbian
* webOS

Sunrise: These are new platforms coming to Apache Cordova with some
development under way.

* Tizen
* Qt

Horizon: These are platforms that we hope to see supported by Apache
Cordova in the future!

* B2G


Some propositions + questions, all up for debate of course:

- I'm not sure about Bada. Last I checked Bada's passing % of mobile-spec
is fairly weak (some features are just not doable; correct me if I'm
wrong). I would like to propose that a platform is eligible for "Core" if
they have >90% passing rate on mobile-spec. I would vote to move it into a
new "Marginal" category, along with, say, cordova-mac or cordova-qt. Also,
Bada-wac, how does this fit in?
- Where does the ubuntu phone fit into this?
- I would suggest we schedule removal of the BlackBerry 7 (java) and
Playbook (Air) implementations, and have our BlackBerry implementation be
BB10 only moving forward.
- The "Windows Phone" category above covers both 7 and 8? What about
Windows 8? 


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