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From Brian>
Subject Re: Media APIs - some research and discussion
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2013 14:01:05 GMT
I think that spec is defunct and the functionality was removed from
Chrome recently.


On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 10:29 PM, Simon MacDonald
<> wrote:
> Just reading everything over and looking at the way things are going it
> seems like we should get the Web Intents API implemented. Looks like there
> is already a shim implemented here:
> with an APL license.
> Simon Mac Donald
> On Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 4:20 PM, Becky Gibson <>wrote:
>> I was looking at the open issues for iOS and found some related to
>> capture/camera and media so I decided to see what the state of the latest
>> W3C APIs are for these things.  It wasn't a pleasant journey!
>> There seem to be three apis that cover our camera/capture and media.  Note
>> that the referenced URLs are to the latest published draft although many
>> have updated editor's drafts.
>>    - Pick Media Intent (  Pick stored Media
>>    (images, audio, video) from various sources.
>>    - HTML Media Capture ( - HTML
>>    form extension to allow user access to capture media from the device's
>> via
>>    still camera, video, microphone via the File upload control.  Appears to
>>    have replaced the Media Capture API (
>> since all links on
>>    that page to Latest Published Draft and Latest Editor's Draft refer the
>> the
>>    HTML Media Capture spec and there is no longer any reference to the
>> Media
>>    Capture API on the Device API working group page (
>>    - Media Capture and Streams ( Access to
>>    multi media streams (video camera, microphone, stored media) from a
>> device.
>> Thus, it seems that the Pick Media Intent would replace the Camera apis for
>> selecting existing images and video.  It would add the ability to pick from
>> existing audio.  Perhaps it is time to dive into the Web Intents spec and
>> consider implementation ....
>> HTML Media Capture allows capturing media but it is tied to the input
>> element.  It also provides for uploading the captured data.   This seems to
>> have replaced the Media Capture API that we implemented.   I'm not sure how
>> we can incorporate this into Cordova as there are no real apis, just
>> attributes on the input element for the browser to implement and provide
>> the UI.   Although this seems to be the only W3C mechanism for accessing
>> the still camera to capture an image!
>> The Media Capture and Streams could replace our Media and Capture Video
>> apis, but this is much more complicated.  It also, in my opinion, doesn't
>> seem all that well baked at the moment with a fair amount of open issues
>> for defining some of the constants.
>> Thus, I was a bit overwhelmed at how to address some of the Media and
>> camera issues!   I did discuss this briefly with Simon and was relieved
>> that he was considering the HTML apis for media as our solution for Media (
>> ).
>>   Perhaps the best way to tackle our media is to normalize our media apis
>> around the HTML Media apis.
>> The point of this email?   To capture my foray into the W3C Capture Apis
>> and perhaps start a discussion on the next steps for Camera, Capture and
>> Media apis.
>> My next foray is into the changes to Contacts - this is now a Web Intent as
>> well.

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