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From Josh Soref <>
Subject RE: commit messages for newbies
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2013 17:11:41 GMT
Marcel wrote:
> A note about commit messages: you are highly encouraged to describe your
> commit with enough detail for someone else to understand it. In doing
> so, your commit message can consist of multiple lines. However, it also
> is highly encouraged that the first line of your commit message not
> exceed 40 characters. This is because some of the tooling that sits on
> top of git (such as the httpd apps that let you browse the repo) assume
> that the first line is top-level summary that is 40 characters or less.
> Thus there will be highlighting and truncating of the commit message
> using these assumptions, and it will look weird if these assumptions are
> not kept. For example, here is a good example of a commit message:

What should a contributor do if they're sending a bunch of changes which they'd like someone
else to fold/resummarize as the merger wishes?

Note that I'm talking about sending dozens of tiny commits (I've probably sent hundreds at
this point to Cordova in fact). While I appreciate (and really want) good commit messages
for certain classes of things, if you make the overhead for me too high, I can assure you
that there are other projects to which I can allocate my spare time instead.

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