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From "Carlos Lopez" <>
Subject RE: the great seperatino of concerns
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2013 20:44:27 GMT

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De: [] En nombre de
Brian LeRoux
Enviado el: jueves, 03 de enero de 2013 21:35
Asunto: the great seperatino of concerns

Our general goal for Cordova 3.x is composability. Extending the core should
be trivially simple, with tools for discovering, adding, removing, creating,
validating, and publishing Plugin Packages. This will make creating
downstream distributions easier, developers using Cordova won't be building
from a 'kitchen sink', and most importantly we will have a sane way to
extend the platform in new directions.

Anis has been working w/ Fil, Lunny, and Mike on the Plugman tool. As just
mentioned by Fil it is now stable enough to start looking at stripping our
API surface from individual platforms and putting them into their own repos.
This is going to kind of suck at first.
Additional tools will be required.

Fil, "first we need to identify which platforms we want to support with auto
plugin management". Agree, think we should strive for support in the 'Core
Platforms' [1].

This would mean the next steps would be:

- BlackBerry support for Plugman
- Windows Phone support for Plugman
- Bada support for Plugman  (Do we still consider this a core platform in
2013 or should Tizen take this spot??)

In parallel, we'd look at  moving core plugins out into individual repos. We
should take this slow, and start w/ something simple, like
org.apache.cordova.geolocation (which will help us move Coho and Robson
tools to make this transition transparent to the users downloading
downstream distributions.)




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