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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Cordova CLI in Apache
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2012 23:20:38 GMT
We now have the cordova-cli repo set up. I have migrated my temporary
space on GitHub for it over to this repo. There is a component set up in
JIRA for it now (CLI).

Currently it only supports iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10. The CLI tools
run on OS X and Linux. I have outstanding tasks to add support for windows
(which, according to some users, is only a matter of appending ".bat" to
the shell commands, so shouldn't be far off), and explore the potential of
incorporating Win8, WP7 and WP8 support into it as well.

Another outstanding task is to allow the use of different versions of
cordova when creating projects using the tools.

I have to still run RAT on it and get the license headers and all that bs
in place :P

If you use it, feel free to file issues if you find something broken.

I do have a request for people involved in maintaining the platform
libraries. If there are changes being introduced into your platform
library that affects the "structure" of the library, it may also affect
the cli tools. If this is the case, can you ping me (or even better: get
involved in the cli tool dev!) so that I can update them? The CLI tools
edit the various metadata files (config.xml, for example), as well as copy
over the javascript files into appropriate spots. Some things that have
broken cordova-cli in the past between cordova versions are:

- moving around .plist or .xml config files, or renaming them
- moving around or renaming the cordova.js files
- renaming the repos
- changing the structure/contents of xml or config files

The above is very likely not an exhaustive list :)

Thanks all!

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